The Society was formed as the Rugby Decorative and Fine Arts Society (RDFAS) in 1977 and was one of many formed at that time as the parent organisation NADFAS expanded rapidly.  Its founder was Margaret Flory, a member of the NADFAS national council and the mother of two boys and a girl at Rugby School.  She saw the Society as another area of fruitful co-operation between Rugby School and the community of Rugby.  The school would provide the facilities for meetings and the subscription paying members would accept members of the school at lectures without paying a charge. 

The first lecture was given in September 1977 by Wellesley Clinton entitled “Looking at the Decorative Arts”.  There were six lectures in that first year, rising to nine in 1980-81 and it has remained at that level since.  We hold them once per month from September through the Winter until the following May, with a three month break over the Summer months.  We also aim to organise a visit in the May of each year to an art gallery, exhibition or house of historical note in the Midlands.