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28 November 2019The Dowager Empress Cixi (1835 - 1908): Ruling from behind the Yellow Silk Screen
19 December 2019The Art of Partying: A Feast for Eyes
23 January 2020Who’s Afraid of the Graven Images? A Whistle-Stop Tour of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture
27 February 2020Winter Colour
26 March 2020Music in Art
23 April 2020History of Wine
28 May 2020Nicholas Hilliard and the Art of the Miniature
24 September 2020Canal History and Heritage
22 October 2020Art and Craft in Historical Fiction: Woven Silk, Sculpted Masks and Fine Bindings
26 November 2020Magic and Medicines in Babylon
17 December 2020Glory to the New Born King: Depictions of the Nativity in European Art

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The Dowager Empress Cixi (1835 - 1908): Ruling from behind the Yellow Silk Screen David Rosier Thursday 28 November 2019

David Rosier is a Chartered Insurer by profession and a Fellow of the Assurance Medical Society, with extensive international experience as an author and lecturer in Medical Risk Assessment. He has in excess of 25 years of working and living in Asia. Whilst living in Hong Kong (1991-2004) he assembled a collection of approximately 700, predominately Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), Imperial and related textiles/costume accessories. He is a past Committee Member of the Hong Kong Textile Society and a frequent speaker on Imperial Insignia and Badges of Rank.