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23 January 2020Who’s Afraid of the Graven Images? A Whistle-Stop Tour of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture
19 December 2019The Art of Partying: A Feast for Eyes
28 November 2019The Dowager Empress Cixi (1835 - 1908): Ruling from behind the Yellow Silk Screen
24 October 2019Silk and the Silk Road
26 September 2019AGM followed by Turner and Ruskin: A Celebration
30 May 2019A Portrait of Jewels: Following Missing Treasures through Portraits
25 April 2019The Art of the Hero: Commemorating Scott of the Antarctic
21 March 2019Ladies of the Night: Art History’s Most Scandelous Muses
28 February 2019Repton and the Picturesque
24 January 2019Posters of the Belle Époque: The great age of the poster
13 December 2018A Cornucopia of Christmas Customs
15 November 2018The Treasures of Far Cathay
18 October 2018The Architecture of the British Raj is remarkable; let’s celebrate it.
20 September 2018AGM then: 250 years of the Royal Academy of Arts, London
17 May 2018The World’s Most Expensive Art
19 April 2018Photography as Fine Art
15 March 2018Warwick Castle: A Forgotten Collection
15 February 2018Historic Graffiti: the Hidden Story of the Hopes, Fears and Desires of a Nation
18 January 2018Roman Britain Unearthed: What the Romans Really Did for Art

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Who’s Afraid of the Graven Images? A Whistle-Stop Tour of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture Nick Baker Thursday 23 January 2020

Nick Baker was until 2017 the Archivist of Princethorpe College, Rugby.  A former librarian of Eton College and Hereford Cathedral, he completed his doctoral thesis at the University of York which examined the four evangelists in early Insular art (c.600–c.800AD). He has contributed to a number of publications including Making Histories: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Insular Art, York 2011, The Art, Literature and Material Culture of the Medieval World: Transition, Transformation and Taxonomy, and the Journal of the Midlands Catholic Society (2015).  A recent study on the depictions of the evangelists in the eighth-century Codex Amiatinus is currently in press. He is now training for ordained ministry in the Church of England, and hopes to be ordained in 2020.  He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a Member of the Association for Heritage Interpretation.