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25 April 2019The Art of the Hero: Commemorating Scott of the Antarctic
21 March 2019Ladies of the Night: Art History’s Most Scandelous Muses
28 February 2019Repton and the Picturesque
24 January 2019Posters of the Belle Époque: The great age of the poster
13 December 2018A Cornucopia of Christmas Customs
15 November 2018The Treasures of Far Cathay
18 October 2018The Architecture of the British Raj is remarkable; let’s celebrate it.
20 September 2018AGM then: 250 years of the Royal Academy of Arts, London
17 May 2018The World’s Most Expensive Art
19 April 2018Photography as Fine Art
15 March 2018Warwick Castle: A Forgotten Collection
15 February 2018Historic Graffiti: the Hidden Story of the Hopes, Fears and Desires of a Nation
18 January 2018Roman Britain Unearthed: What the Romans Really Did for Art

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The Art of the Hero: Commemorating Scott of the Antarctic Max Jones Thursday 25 April 2019

Max Jones: Lecturer at Manchester University.  Specialises in the cultural history of wars & heroes